CPL CLWA (Flight rules and Air law) Ground Theory Course

This voucher allows a student to attend either one or two (i.e. one repeat) CLWA (Flight rules and Air law) ground theory courses in the three years following the date of purchase. The student is responsible for ensuring that the planned dates and times of the scheduled theory courses meet their needs before purchasing the course voucher. SFC theory course dates are published on the SFC website.

$990.00 For 1 person


Valid for 3 Years

1. The dates, times and location of the course cannot be altered. Applicants who are unable to attend one or more days, due to sickness or otherwise, will forfeit those sessions; 2. Enrolments are capped and SFC reserves the right to decline your application should the course become full; 3. SFC reserves the right to cancel the course up to seven (7) days prior to commencement should minimum student numbers not be reached. If this is the case a refund of any money paid to SFC by an applicant will be refunded; 4. Payment in full is required before your attendance can be confirmed; 5. If a student wishes to withdraw from a course after payment has been made, and before the start of the course, a full refund will be offered minus a $100 administration charge; 6. After a student attends one or more days of a course, no refund shall be offered; 7. The applicant acknowledges that attending an SFC theory course does not guarantee a pass in the relevant CASA ground theory examination, and that additional self-study to support your learning may be required to reach the required standard; 8. Theory books will be required to support your learning, and these are not included in the course cost. As our instructors use SFC proprietary content, you can choose your own support material - we recommend Aviation Theory Centre textbooks; 9. Should COVID-19 or any other reason prevent a face to face teaching style, SFC reserves the right to move this course online and deliver it in a webinar-style format. Should this occur, candidates are required to provide their own PC/laptop of sufficient technological standard to join the webinar successfully, and have a high-speed broadband connection to view the instructor and content; 10. Students acknowledge that additional materials such as CASA documents, maps, charts etc. will be required during the course, and during the CASA examination. These are not included in the course cost.

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